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MUDD Beauty - Matte Lip Mud's in Purple Herbs & Naked​...

"Mudd Beauty is a brand-spanking-new natural and organic makeup brand. Derived from nature; Mudd Beauty is a breath of fresh air in the sea of independent beauty brands. I had the pleasure of trying their Matte lip muds; the first product ever launched by Mudd" Ploy Varn, click image for web link (follow her on instagram @ployvarn)

MUDD Beauty - Matte Lip Mud

"Late last year I found Mudd Beauty on Instagram and honestly fell absolutely in love with their liquid lipstick shades, their ethics and themselves as a company. Ready to find out more? Let’s go." Acurvyvegan, click image for web link (follow her on instagram @acurvyvegan)

MUDD Beauty - Organic, vegan and cruelty free makeup from Birmingham

"For my swatch, I have applied one single layer and the first thing I notice is how great the pigmentation is. It immediately provides full coverage. The formula has a lovely creamy texture and dries quickly into a gorgeous matte finish." Beautyonreview, click image for web link (follow her on instagram @beautyonreview)

Cruelty Free, Organic, Eco Friendly & Natural, This is how beauty should be! | MUDD Beauty

"For me, its my perfect nude… in the sense that it has the exact kind of ‘greige’ undertone that I love on the lips!

The application is smooth and goes on in one swipe, there is zero patchiness and it dries down to a nice matte finish. Although the lipstick is matte I don’t find it overly drying which is a bonus!"

MrsGregory, click image for web link (follow her on instagram @mrsgregory)

MUDD-Lip glam africa.jpg


"I wanted to try a bold colour that I’d never ordinarily select because makeup should always be fun and experimental; so I treat my daily beat like an early morning adventure! This truly proved to be a long-wearing matte look; it didn’t come off on everything that I kissed! What I love best about it is that the colour shows up vibrantly on dark skin". 

 Kehryse Vanessa Johnson, click image for web link.


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